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This website has been created to provide information about the Riverdale community's opposition to the construction of an 11-story, 93,000 square foot medical facility on Riverdale Avenue near W238th Street, and the construction of a parking garage for 120-140 cars with the entrance and exit on Oxford Avenue.

Oxford Avenue residents are opposed to the congestion and traffic nightmare any parking garage on the block will create.

No notice was given to the community before plans to demolish the buildings that were at these locations began, yet Montefiore claims they want to be a "good neighbor."

Community Board 8's Land Use Committee held several meetings where an outraged public of more than 200 neighbors gathered to voice their opposition to Montefiore's plans to build this medical facility.  This was the largest public attendance at any Land Use Committee meeting in Riverdale.

Riverdale has more than 100 trusted medical providers who may be at risk if this facility is allowed to be built as planned.

This proposed location on Riverdale Avenue is not centrally located - it's almost on the outskirts of the city - and will certainly be difficult for people with medical needs to travel here, especially if they are unable to take the only bus to bring them to Riverdale Avenue and W238th Street.

There are more suitable venues in the Riverdale area that are accessible to public transportation, such as Loehmann's on Broadway, which filed for bankruptcy, so their lease and property is available.

So far, the owners of 3644 Oxford Avenue have been terrible neighbors as they have thrown their trash in front o the construction gate and they don't shovel when it snows.

We implore Montefiore to respect the community, write this off as a loss, and find someplace else where they will actually be welcome to serve the medical needs of New Yorkers.

Stand-Up AGAINST Montefiore's Plans for a Massive New Development in Riverdale ( petition)